• Please do not become violent towards staff.
  • Only one person in the reception area.
  • On arrival, we will be taking your temperature. If your temperature is higher than 37.8C you will be turned away.
  • Please sanitise your hands as soon as you walk in with the stations provided.
  • No face mask no entry. Please come with a face mask, if not you will be turned away. They will also be available to purchase.
  • Please come to your appointment alone.
  • If you feel unwell please do not come in. if we feel you are not well enough to have your treatment going by the Covid-19 guidelines, we WILL turn you away.
  • If you are pregnant or over 65 please let us know before you come to your appointment.
  • We would like to keep the use of our toilets to a minimum so please go before you come.
  • All payments will be accepted.
  • WE WILL NOT BE BOOKING ANY FACE TREATMENTS until advised otherwise. This includes: Facial waxing/threading, facials, Microblading, Eyelash extensions, LVL lash lift & Facials laser.




  • We will be taking your details and you will be asked to wait outside or in your car and be contacted once room is clean and free to use.
  • We ask you to clean before and after and we will also do.
  • Please respect the guidelines as we will be making no exceptions.



Thank You

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